Wednesday, March 30, 2011


After hearing from the speech therapist that she thinks that M definitely has speech apraxia I did some poking around to see what more I can do to help with it. From the little bit of reading I did it appears that the treatment for it is varied and that there is no data-based clinical approach to it. I was surprised at this since with autism the ABA therapy has been statistically proven to make an improved difference. I did read that kids with apraxia should be getting speech therapy 3-5 times/week. We are at 2x/week plus what she gets in her ABA therapy. I'll have to check with the speech therapist to see if that's enough. We are missing speech this week because the incredible rains we have had in the past week caused flooding in the town where her office is and they are mopping up the mess.

It has finally stopped raining but that still hasn't stopped the power from going out. Our road had two good-sized slides blocking us in and pulling the power lines down both times. Since the last cleanup we have lost power again twice.

With the rainy weather and sitting in this coffee shop enjoying the scones, bagels and breads I am starting to accumulate the fruits of my eating without the time to burn it off. I have to increase my activity level. I assumed that chasing M around would be enough to keep me trim but I've been hungrier than usual lately. Maybe because it's spring? K has been eating like crazy too. She joined a running group a few weeks ago and I think the increase in exercise for her from nothing to 4 days/week has her growing and eating. It's good to see because she's on the smaller side and she doesn't eat much. She's almost 10 now and yesterday she said, "I don't understand why sometimes I feel so angry and frustrated for no reason." It really seems like it's too early for those hormones to start kicking in but I wonder. No physical signs yet, thankfully. But K has been complaining that it seems like C is growing up and leaving her behind. He won't talk to her and isn't interested in playing with her like they used to. Then it occurred to me, when K said that C answers her with grunts and groans when she tries to have a conversation, that it wasn't C that was growing up. It was K. She's starting to mature faster than her brother... to even be so aware of them drifting apart and to comment on it. It makes me a bit sad to see my babies growing up but it's a good thing. I just need to remember to stay in the moment so I can enjoy them as much as I can.

Which is hard when the challenges M faces weigh on me every day. Maybe I just worry too much. I try to reckon with God about this whole process by thinking, "We're doing everything for M that we can. M seems smart. M must have some miracles waiting ahead or some grand purpose for her life that we are contributing to." And then I realize how selfish that is... it's still about me. I'm sure God is shaking his head and saying, "What if I have nothing grand planned for M? What if I just need you to love her and take care of her? Can't that be enough?" Yeah, I suppose. But it's difficult. And when life is difficult I think we all look for some greater meaning to help us get through it.

Another friend who adopted her two children from Russia said to me, "You can't compare M to any other kids to measure her progress. You have to only measure her progress with respect to her own gains." Or something like that. If I think about it that way I'm pretty content that we are on a good path because she makes progress daily, albeit slowly. But when I think about it, she is imitating now. Her biggest hindrances at this point are 1) she can't communicate w/ us and 2) she's not paying attention much of the time. I'm trying another thing... the enzymes have helped us the past two months with regard to her attending and giving us some freedom with her diet. I just read that EFA (fish oil, Omega fatty acids, etc.) supplements are helpful for people with speech apraxia. Gets the brain functioning. So I'm trying that and have heard more attempted sounds lately.

Anecdotal, of course.


Anna Scott Graham said...

So interesting to read about K & C; girls do mature faster, and how they start to enter the next phase will be intriguing.

I know that feeling of lethargy; I took my first 'walk' of the year today, whew!

As for M, she's a beautiful girl, really so amazing. Where her path will lead is unknown, but that can be said for all of us. No it's not easy, but the gains are notable, and each day is all it is; twenty-four hours to do the best we can. That's all God wants, I think. Just to love and do the best we can. :)))

jen said...

I can vouch for the EFA supplements. I've been taking them and I'm super smart, so there you go. Just kidding. I'm not super smart, and I hope they do help. I do honestly take them, but I do it because my doctor says they could help with my dry eyes. Maybe they are making my brain work better too. That would be cool actually.

I think we all feel angry and frustrated for no reason or for good reason. Thanks for admitting to it. That is one reason I started my feel good blog- to help me. Anyway, I hope you can get the help your daughter needs.